Fauna and Flora of Madagascar

Fauna and Flora of Madagascar

165 million years ago, Madagascar broke away from the Gondwana supercontinent. Groups of animals and plants have slowly colonized the newly formed island of Madagascar. Malagasy fauna and flora are in fact unique in the world with an endemism rate of 70%: scientists from all over the world come to study in particular the famous carnivorous plants and various medicinal plants.

The following can be observed:

  • 19,000 plant species,
  • More than 1000 varieties of orchids
  • Eight species of baobab (seven endemic),
  • Exceptional trees such as mangrove, pachypodium, mangroves,
  • Precious woods such as rosewood, rosewood, ebony,
  • 100,000 species of invertebrates (insects),
  • 3000 species of butterflies,
  • 400 species of arachnids including the black widow, a spider found in deep forests,
  • Black, red and green frogs,
  • About 20 species of chameleons (10-60 cm), two thirds of which are endemic
  • 60 species of snakes (harmless),
  • More than 50 species of lemurs,
  • A dozen varieties of turtles
  • Crocodiles,
  • Thousands of species of birds,
  • Marine and freshwater fish…

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