Budget to be provided

Budget to be provided for your trip in Madagascar


Ariary (ARY), replaced the Malagasy Franc in 2003. However, it is still very common to hear in Malagasy franc (FMG), much like the old currencies when the Euro was adopted in Europe. That said, payments are always made in Ariary. For the current rate, please visit the website of the Central Bank of Madagascar
Since 2018, the weighted average rate is approx. 3950/ 4000 Ariary, or 20,000 FMG (1 Ariary= 5 FMG), but if you change money in a bank, you will have the purchase price which is little lower.


Upon arrival, it is recommended to make a first currency exchange with the banks at the airport or an official exchange office. These are always open at the arrival times of international flights and their rates are as good if not better than with banks in town.

Credit cards are not accepted everywhere. In large cities and at Antananarivo Ivato International Airport, you could use a Visa or MasterCard card to withdraw small amounts from the vending machines (ATMs). Large hotels also accept them as a payment method (but beware MasterCard and American Express are only accepted in some large hotels!). The use of Bancomat cards (EC – or Maestro – card) is not possible in Madagascar!
And finally, ATM’s do not always work due to power outages or outages, internet connection problems etc.

Travellers cheques

We do not advise the use of travellers cheques because falsified cheques may be in circulation at this time, leading many banks to not accept them. But if you still want to bring a travel voucher, the issue must be made in Euro or Dollar, ideally in denomination of 50 € or $ and you must have with you the purchase receipt.
In the provinces, it can sometimes take hours to change a travel cheque. In addition, the rate is generally less attractive than when money is exchanged in cash. Banks even take a commission. Some large hotels accept the Euro very well, but the Swiss Franc is quite difficult to change. Of course, always count the tickets after the exchange or when making a payment!

Budget to be provided

In total, depending on the chosen hotel category, a budget of between 75€ and 125€ per day per person is required. This price includes visits, guides, hotels, excursions, car rental, fuel, the service of an accompanying driver or a guide, hotel taxes, breakfasts, lunches and dinners according to chosen option. The hotels are quite affordable in Madagascar, ranging from 20€ for the simple hotel to 100€ for higher categories or luxury.

The most expensive trip on the Great Island is by plane, international but also domestic. Considering the extent of the continent-island, taking the plane is the fastest means of transport of very (very) far. Between Tana and Tuléar, it takes about 16h to travel, compared to 1h15min by plane. And there is no competition, Tsaradia is the only company that operates.

If you travel long distances by car or 4×4, fuel is also a major expense, especially since the price per litre is about the same as in Europe.
Our teams will be able to advise you as much as possible so that our proposal may fit to your budget!

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