Madagascar red rice, zebu meat, vanilla, breams, fatty liver, seafood, arranged rhum… and many more!

Unforgettable gastronomy

The Gastronomy of the Great Island awakens the taste buds with influences of African, Asian and Creole cuisines. You can find good tables everywhere. The basis of the food of Malagasy is rice: either in reduced cooking, in broth, or reduced with coconut, this accompanied by meat, fish, or vegetables. Among the best known dishes and absolutely to taste: romazava (meat stew with brèdes), ravitoto (crushed manioc leaves) with coconut. On the coasts, grilled fish and lobsters are on the menu, grilled or cooked with sauce.

Madagascar is also known for its various donuts, to be consumed with moderation for those who want to keep the line: banana donuts or doughnuts of spicy bream, the «mofo gasy» and the «ramanonaka» at breakfast, the pumpkin donuts, recipes from our beloved grandmothers in the country. Also delicious is the famous «koba», the Malagasy cake: it is a mixture of flour, sugar and pistachio looted, steamed in banana leaves, it is the symbol of the feast at home and of the joy to be shared during the celebration of the New Year or the time of kings.  Also very well known, the «maskita» or the skewers of street corners, to accompany a bottle of beer variegated after a hard day: it is the best way to relax, especially if it is by the sea!

For the last 20 years, the «composé Malagasy » dish has been in vogue but above all within everyone’s reach. It can be enjoyed in simple gargotes especially or in salad bars called «kopozé». This appetizer, which sometimes serves as a snack, a mixture of macaroni, macedonian, carrot or cabbage achards and dry pasta with soy sauce: served with a little chicken or vegetable broth, it is to be enjoyed with hot pepper! Almost all Malagasy love this dish, especially the women’s Escapades team!

Finally, in terms of drinks, the Malagasy drink water or rice water during meals (after the reduced cooking of the rice, the bottom of the pot with cooked rice is added water, this drink is drunk very hot). Malagasy people also drink beer (the country’s beer is particularly good), homemade coconut punch, rum arranged with its fruits and other various fragrances: ginger, banana, baobab, pok pok, etc… During your trip, your guide or driver will be there to introduce you to this beautiful palette of Malagasy gastronomy, mazotoa homana o! (Enjoy your meal!)