When you travel to Madagascar, it is better to travel light and stick to the essentials. This will leave room for memories on the way back!

Provide for essentially:

  • lightweight outfits preferably made of cotton,
  • some long sleeved pants and tops to protect against mosquitoes.
  •  warmer clothing between April and October (southern winter): the night is cool, especially on the Highlands,
  • bathing suit, sarong, flip flops or sandals,
  •  a hat or cap and sunglasses,
  • walking shoes and socks for hiking,
  • a small waterproof backpack
  • a waterproof K-way or Gore-tex jacket in your suitcase in case of rain.
  • high-protection sun cream,
  • a good tropical repellent,
  • antibacterial gel and bivouac wipes,
  • biodegradable detergent in a resealable container where you should wash your clothes
  • a small pharmacy with: antimalarial treatment (to be prescribed before departure), anti-diarrhea, aspirin, dressings, disinfectant, tablets against motion sickness, a soothing lotion for insect bites and a balm for sunburn, sanitary towels or tampons for ladies (it is quite difficult to find them on site)
  • a camera ideally equipped with a zoom for the flora, compact if you want it more easily out in the city,
  • spare batteries,
  • a flashlight or headlamp
  • a notebook and a pencil…
By plane, cabin are allowed (hand luggage):
  • In Eco class, one piece of luggage and one accessory (handbag or computer) for a total of 12 kg and 115 cm maximum. In business or first class, 2 pieces of luggage are allowed in the cabin.
In the hold are authorized:
  •  on international flights: 23 kg in eco class, 30 to 40 kg in business class or first class,
  • on domestic flights: 20 kg.

We strongly advise you to check this information before your departure on your plane tickets.