Les plus :

Once again we are satisfied with the services of Escapades, the local guides who took care of us and who passed on to us the love of their country. No worries in the choice of accommodation, trouble-free travel and authentic visits, in contact with the population, a schedule leaving free time, this is how we like to travel.

Les moins :

We have no criticism because above all we must adapt to the functioning of the country even if there are sometimes surprises which end up turning into anecdotes.

Description du voyage :

We visited several islands around Nosy Be, whose beauty has no reason to be ashamed of other places in the world. We were able to see whale sharks, dolphins, a humpback whale, the birth of water turtles, lemurs and the famous chameleons. The population is unfortunately often in survival mode but their work force will ultimately pay off, with the future ahead of them. We were well received by most of the residents even if we sometimes felt a form of frustration towards the foreigner who is rich in their eyes, who has an easy life, who eats his fill. The smiles of the inhabitants are there, that’s the most important thing

8 August 2019
au 26 August 2019

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