Tana is the capital of Madagascar. Populated by the Merinas, the city was originally built on the twelve sacred hills where a wife of the sovereign Andrianampoinimerina lived. The city has a special charm due to the ochre red color of the walls of the houses made of bricks and roof tiles.

A tour of the city allows to discover its authenticity starting with the lower town of Analakely, the former market of Zoma which is currently the city center, the former railway station. Then we climb the cobbled streets towards the high city of Tana to discover the first cathedral of Madagascar, the former palace of the Prime Minister in Andafiavaratra, the square of Andohalo, the place for the proclamation of the King’s speech and end with a magnificent sunset at the viewpoint. Around the city you can visit the palace of King Andrianampoinimerina in Ambohimanga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.