Social aspect: Aïna Enfance et Avenir

In partnership with the « association Aïna Enfance et Avenir », the agency invites you to discover the work of a recognized association that aims to give a better future to Malagasy children.
It is not a simple visit or an excursion that we offer you but a real welcome in the daily work of the association, accompanied by professionals who can answer all your questions.

Depending on your itinerary in Madagascar, you can:

  • Discover the centre of Malaza which welcomes 50 children to offer them an emotional and stable environment, a roof, balanced meals, medical follow-up, schooling, sports and artistic activities… The centre of Malaza can accommodate you on Wednesday afternoons or weekends and you can have lunch there.
  • Discover the village of Aïna, which is home to 60 mothers and children and which brings together a solidarity creche (allowing the support of young mothers and their babies), a house for teenagers (who prepare them for their adult life) and an agricultural training centre, breeding and crafts. The village Aïna can welcome you from Monday to Friday from 7 to 16h and you can have lunch there.

We advise you to schedule it at the end of your stay and if you wish, you can bring children’s clothes, plush or toys from your country to donate to the association (If you are planning this discovery at the end of your stay, the agency can store them to prevent you from transporting them all over Madagascar).