Awareness aspect : collaboration with EGEDEN and HOME MADAGASCAR

Civil society organisations, local authorities and economic operators of the district of Nosy-Be have decided to set up a public establishment, called EGEDEN (Nosy Be Waste Management Establishment), to ensure the sustainable development of activities with a view to cleanliness, health and environmental protection.


And Escapades Travel Agency is part of the organization, and is a member of the CA. EGEDEN which is dedicated to waste management in Nosy-Be. From pre-collection to transport in collection to treatment and landfill at the municipal landfill.


For greater efficiency, EGEDEN has opted for outsourcing its services. Currently, he deals with a private provider who collects household waste and solid waste on Nosy Be.


We share the Escapades Travel Agency’s policy on sustainable development: Sustainable Development Policy
Our next action: Obtaining Travelife Certification